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Our Story

A New Zealand Sporting Success Story
Peach Boxing is a family owned boxing gym based in Henderson Valley, 
West Auckland. We have created a backyard factory of boxing excellence dedicated to producing kiwi fighters who will dominate on the world stage and bringing home more world titles to New Zealand. 
We have 1 of the top stables in the world, with 4 professional boxers ranked in the top 10 of the world with more talent coming up the ranks.
Currently boasting a line up of 11 professional boxers and 8 top Olympic style boxers in our elite squad.
Our mission is to provide a pathway for success both in the ring and outside of the ring. Boxing is a proven vehicle that can improve the lives of those that participate in the sport.
Building Champions
Our gym is a sanctuary for many- a safe and supportive family environment where youth and adults can thrive. 
We provide mentorship, guidance and resources helping our athletes establish stable and secure lifestyles
Mea Motu's story of overcoming 8 years of horrific domestic abuse to come out the otherside and become a World Champion is remarkable. She credits boxing and the gym with saving her life. Her extensive community work and role as ambassador for Mike King's I Am Hope charity have made her a national treasure. She continues to spread her messages of resilience and hope to all of New Zealand.
Andrei Mikhailovich used boxing to turn his life around. From a baby in a Russian orphanage, to a troubled teen, he is now a married father of 2 young boys, and about to fight for the Unified Middleweight Championship of the World. 
Safe Sanctuary
We offer our member an outlet for their energy and emotions while keeping them away from the negative influences of the streets.
Hard Work
By engaging in the discipline and structure of boxing training, our members learn the value of hard work, determination and perserverance. These qualities not only help them excel in the ring, but also carry over into their everyday lives, empowering them to set and achieve goaals, stay focused on their dreams and overcome obstacles with resilience.
Mental Well being
Through the  mentorship of our experienced coaches and the camaraderis of their fellow team mates, our young boxers form relationships built on trust, respect and support. Creating a sense of belonging and community, essential for their mental well-being.
Healthy Living
By promoting a healthy and active lifestyle through boxing, we instill in our members a sense of responsibility for their physical and mental well-being, setting them on a path to a brighter and more promising future.
Throughout the year we put on exciting events to provide a platform for amateur boxers around the country to fight on the undercard of some of NZ's top professionals. Most of our shows are now televised/streamed so we can showcase our country's talent to a wider audience. All our shows sell out and the matchings never fail to bring fireworks.
We are active in the community, in schools, youth programmes & work places throough speaking engagements and training sessions to inspire & uplift as many people as we can reach with our journey.
We are seeking sponsors to join our team to help us NZ reach the pinnacle of boxing and improve the lives of as many kiwis as we can involve. So far the journey has been essentially self funded by founder Isaac Peach and his wife Alina Peach.
As we continue to grow our achievements and mission, we need help to get there.
 This powerhouse stable is making waves internationally and gaining huge popularity & momentum in the NZ media. Leading up to fights, our team have huge media coverage across all the major outlets including television, radio, print, podcasts, social media & more. Our current sponsor have had massive exposure through our fighters and coaches wearing their logo. 
Your involvement with our team can build strong brand awareness across a wide audience for your company & assist to develop a valuable connection to the community.
If you would like to help make kiwis great, please contact
Alina Peach
+6421 202 7584
All Black legend Sam Tuitupou trained under us for his 2023 Fight For Life bout