Who we are

Peach Boxing is a private boxing gym based in West Auckland.

We exclusively train fighters only- Amateur & Professional and have the largest active boxing stable in the country. 

We have a very limited number of fighters and do not often take on new members, but occasionally we will recruit. 

We have fighters at the start of their amateur careers right through to World Ranked Professionals who feature on many Sky Sport and Spark Sport productions. 

Several times a year we put on events to provide a platform for amateur boxers around the country to fight on the undercard of some of NZ's top professionals. Most of out shows are now televised and we hope to be able to showcase our countries talent to a wider audience. 

Our mission is to improve the boxing scene here in NZ by providing bigger opportunities for all kiwi fighters. 

And at the same time, if we can change a few of our boxer's lives and create a few champions , we are happy.

Currently we have

🥊David "The Great White" Light 17-0

Ranked #4 Cruiserweight in the World WBO

Curren Oriental Cruiserweight Champion 

NZPBC Cruiserweight Champion 

🥊 Andrei " The Renegade" Mikhailovich 15-0

Current NZPBC Superwelterweight Champion 

NZ ProBox Middleweight Champion 

🥊"The Night"Mea Motu 7-0

Current NZPBA Lightweight Champion 

🥊 Jerome "The Panther" Pampellone 6-0

1 of NZ's most accomplished amateur boxers, now a huge prospect in the international professional scene.

Along with multiple amateur national and golden gloves champions.

Erin Walsh- Current 57kg female National Champion 

Rook Weaver- 2x National Youth Champion 

Omid Azizzi- 2x National Youth Champion