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Peach Boxing® is a West Auckland boxing gym producing high level professional and amateur boxers. We have had huge media exposure nationally and internationally in the past few years regarding our boxing gym and fighters.

We are dedicated to producing world class boxers from the ground up. We have a excellent training environment that is producing some of the world's best boxers. Every boxer at our gym has the belief and commitment to winning a world title and we provide the platform for this.

Our results speak for themselves. We currently have 4 professional boxers ranked top 15 in the world for their respective divisions and belts they hold. This is a feat no other gym in New Zealand and few around the world have achieved with boxers that have only ever fought professionally for 1 gym. Our amateur (Olympic boxing) fighters are all ranked #1 in New Zealand and are on a pathway to becoming a world champion professional boxer.

Having a boxing gym with this amount of talent requires significant costs to get the boxers the equipment, travel and all the expenses that come along with boxing at the highest level. Sponsorship is a vital part of these fighters going from grass root boxing tournaments to the world stage.

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